It's Snowing and My Furnace Just Went Out. How Will I Stay Warm?

One of the worst events that any homeowner could endure is a broken furnace. Just like a random flurry of snow, it’s possible that this essential unit can completely stop working when you least expect it. While waiting for the fast service of our technicians, here are some ways to stay warm:

Bundle Up

During winter, it’s more than likely that you’ll have some extra blankets, sweaters, and socks lying around. The solution? Use them all (in moderation) to bundle up! Since the human body acts like a thermostat, your body temperature can drop rather quickly if you’re not suited for the cold. The minute you begin to add layers to your wardrobe, you’ll instantly notice the difference — and you’ll be rather comfortable, to say the least!

Warm Drinks

When was the last time you had a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate? Well, now would be the perfect time to get reacquainted with these beverages, since they’ll help heat you up! Just like bundling up your body in layers, enjoying a nice, hot drink will assist in bringing your body temperature back to normal in the simplest of ways. We do suggest that if it’s rather late, you’ll want to avoid caffeine, since that could disrupt your slumber!

Close Doors

Whether you live in a big home or small apartment, making a habit of closing doors is great to develop. When you leave the doors open to rooms not in use, you’ll instantly feel a draft as soon as your furnace begins to dwindle down. However, when you start to close the doors, you’ll be able to block any lingering cold air and keep the remaining heat where it belongs.

The minute your furnace breaks, let our expert technicians help you with the problem! Call Fox & Sons today at (800) 716-4990 to speak with a friendly representative!