How to Preserve Your Extension Cords

As useful as extension cords are for anything from power drills to hedge trimmers, they're also difficult to manage. Given that these cords come in lengths that extend from 25-150 feet, it's very easy to just throw the cord into a forgotten corner of your garage, or home, until the next time you need it. However, these cords can quickly become damaged if you don't handle them properly, which only serves to make you spend more money on new ones. There are several effective methods that you can use to preserve your extension cords now and in the future.

Mount Cord Reel

If you don't want to manually wrap your extension cords after each use, you may want to invest in a mounted cord reel. This is particularly useful if you generally keep your extension cords in a single area, such as the garage. By placing one of your extension cords on a retractable reel, you can drag the cord out and let it roll back in whenever you want without issue.

Useful Preservation Techniques

There are a variety of techniques you can use to properly handle and preserve your extension cords. For instance, the over-under coil preserves the curve of a cord and makes it easy to use the next time you need it. This coil loops the cord once to match the natural curve and a second time by rotating the wrist 180 degrees while doing so.

You could also use a cord wrapping spool wherein you place the end of the cord in one hand and pull it around the frame, which can be purchased at any hardware store. You continue wrapping it around until the cord comes to an end. This is the easiest method for preserving extension cords. You should also look into obtaining a velcro wrap to place around the cord once it's been folded up. This will keep the cord from unraveling when you're not using it.

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