A Guide to the Thermostat

On a scale from one to ten, how familiar are you with your home's thermostat? Known to control the "heart" of your home, your thermostat is a pretty important device to know the in's and outs of. In fact, knowing a fairly decent amount about this device will not keep your home comfortable, but it will also help save you some money in the long run. Ready to get started? Grab a pen and paper, because class is in session:

Basics of the Thermostat

For starters, your thermostat controls your heating and cooling system, letting you choose how warm or cool you’d like your home to be. When using your thermostat, if you turn the temperature up anywhere past 65°C, every room in your living space will gradually get warmer. Now if you happen to turn the temperature lower than 65°C, then your home will begin to grow much cooler.

While this information is quite matter-of-fact, you’d be surprised at how many homeowners don’t actually know what the best temperature setting is to get the comfort level they desire. Now since that’s out of the way, let’s move onto the different types of thermostats!

Different Thermostat Models

Just like the vehicle you choose to ride around in, there are various different forms of the thermostat to control your home’s heating and cooling system. The most popular models of the bunch? Manual and programmable — but what do these entail?

Manual Thermostat

Found in most homes across the country, manual thermostats are a popular choice among many homeowners. Besides being as simple as a television remote to operate, many manual thermostats live up to their name because you will need to adjust the temperature manually with the touch of a fingertip. However, if you’re always on the go, then there is something extravagant: a programmable thermostat.

Programmable Thermostat

If you’re looking to bring your home up to modern technology standards, then a programmable thermostat is the right choice for you! Unlike a manual device, a “smart thermostat” will let you adjust the temperature from your smartphone, as well as from the device itself. Additionally, you’ll also be able to set a pre-programmed schedule on most smart thermostats, letting you heat/cool your home when you feel that you’ll need it most — and that will help cut energy costs in the long run.

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