Why is my Showerhead Leaking?

After you take a shower, does your showerhead continue to drip? If so, not only is this rather annoying, but you’re also wasting a large amount of water in the process. Although this might seem small and minuscule, you’ll realize how large of a problem it really is when your next water bill arrives. If you’re not sure why your showerhead is leaking, then check out these spots:

Worn Shower Valve

One of the most common problems associated with a leaking showerhead is that the shower valve may need to be repaired or replaced. If you’re not familiar with this piece, then it’s important to know that it’s the part that turns on water to your showerhead!

Of course, just like anything else, there is a chance that a worn faucet washer could be the reason as to why your showerhead is dripping. If you suspect that this is the problem, the solution is rather simple to repair — and a member of our skilled team of professionals can help!

Mineral Deposit Build Up

Sometimes, the root of the problem happens to be a mineral deposit build up — and it’s more common than you think. This, ultimately, will clog the holes in your showerhead and will not only cause that lingering leak but also create an uneven distribution of water every time you turn the attachment on.

The best way to eliminate this problem is to clean your showerhead regularly. However, if you notice that regularly cleaning the attachment isn’t doing the trick, then it might be time to upgrade the fixture altogether.

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