Ways to Prevent Drafts in Your Home

It’s true: drafts aren't just limited to old properties that haven't been renovated in years. In fact, many homes are prone to these cold rushes of air, whether it's from poor insulation, an old roof, or cracks in windows and doorframes.

Drafts not only make your house colder in the winter; any exposed openings also give insects and rodents easy access to your home, and during a storm, you're more likely to suffer from water damage.

Drafts are easily preventable and treatable, so if you're ready to ride out the rest of winter in comfort, consider trying one of these solutions:

Caulk the Windows

Caulk is an easy and affordable way to winterize your house. Check the exterior of your windows for any chipped or peeling paint and remove it with a putty knife or scraper. Gently clean the area and remove any debris or dust before applying caulk to create a tight seal.

Try Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping your doors and windows will seal any openings and close off drafts — the process is easy, even if you don't know the first thing about home improvement. You can also weatherstrip your home for a relatively inexpensive cost.

Get your Insulation Inspected

Your home's insulation will cause major drafts if it's inadequate. You'll have to run your heater far longer than necessary without proper insulation, which raises your energy bill.

Install Thermal Curtains

If cold air tends to sneak into your home through a drafty window, thermal curtains are an inexpensive way to provide extra insulation. These curtains are a weatherproofing investment that will provide year-round comfort. During the summer, thermal curtains can block the sun's intrusive rays, cool your rooms and save you money on air conditioning.

Check your heating and cooling System

If your system isn't installed properly or is too small for your home, it's not going to be able to keep the house heated or cooled efficiently. Running your heater longer not only costs you more money, but it doesn't solve the problem and only leads to more frustration.

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