4 Things You Can Do To Prevent A Pipe From Springing A Leak

If you’ve ever had to deal with a plumbing leak, you know how annoying and messy one can be.

Rather than waiting for the next one to happen, you can put in place prevention methods that will keep your home leak-free!

Simple Steps for Preventing Plumbing Leaks

Here are four simple prevention methods you can implement at any time:

plumbing leak

1) Reduce the Water Pressure

When water pressure is too high, it can add extra wear and tear to your plumbing pipes, along with its joints and fittings. Weakened pipes, joints, and fittings will almost certainly mean that a leak (or many) will be in your future.

In order to lower your water pressure and prevent pipes from leaking, contact your local plumber so they can measure your water pressure for you. If they agree that it is too high, they can install a water pressure regulator that can reduce your home’s water pressure.

2) Soften the Water

Living in a home with hard water means your dishes have water spots, your faucets have limescale, and most importantly — your plumbing is in trouble.

Hard water can drastically decrease the lifespan of your plumbing pipes and any fixture that’s connected to your plumbing. These pipes can become filled with sediment and minerals that can cause blockages, which will result in eventual leaks.

Remove hard water from your life by installing a water softener. Your plumbing (and wallet) will thank you!

3) Install a Washing Machine Shutoff Valve

If a washing machine decides to break down or the plumbing attached to it has any issues, A LOT of water can leak into your home (we’re talking gallons upon gallons of water).

Rather than allowing water to always meet your washing machine, it makes sense to only allow this when you’re doing laundry. This is why you need to install a manual shutoff valve behind your washing machine.

This allows you to stop the flow of water going toward your appliance when you’re not using it, thus reducing the chances of a leak.

4) Insulate Water Supply Lines

When the temperature begins to drop, you need to start worrying about your plumbing pipes freezing. This is especially true for water pipes that are located in unfinished basements, crawl spaces, garages, etc.

Any pipes located in the aforementioned places should be insulated with the proper insulation materials. They can be purchased at almost any hardware or plumbing store.

Not only will this save you from having to deal with a leak, but this will also save you from dealing with all of the water damage, mold growth, and pipe replacement that comes with a burst pipe.

Preventing a plumbing leak has never been easier, especially when you have a little reading material to help you out!

When you need a plumbing leak repaired or would like to have some prevention methods installed for you, know that Fox & Sons has your back!