How To Keep Your Family And Your Belongings Safe When The Power Goes Out

When the power goes out, bad things can happen.

We all have a heavy reliance on electricity, and without it — we are left completely vulnerable in the dark.

Make sure you know how you can keep your family and home safe during this troubling time.

Safety Tips for Power Outages

emergency kit during power outage

How to Keep Your Family Safe

The easiest way to keep your family safe during a power outage is to keep an emergency kit stocked and ready. If the power goes out for more than a few hours, this emergency kit will come in handy to help you stay safe.

Your emergency kit should include: multiple flashlights, a radio, batteries, a food thermometer, non-perishable canned food, a can opener, a gallon or more of water, extra cash, and anything else you feel is necessary for comfort during this time.

While you may have some of these items lying around the house somewhere, make sure you pre-assemble this kit and keep it in a secure place that is easy to access. Being prepared in advance will ensure that you will have all of these items when you need them most.

How to Keep Your Home Safe

Your first priority should be to keep your family safe during a power outage. Once you have made sure everyone is okay, you can channel some of your focus to your home.

First, go around your home and shut off any lights, appliances, or other equipment you were using before the power went out. Next, begin unplugging most of the appliances and electronics to prevent a surge from damaging them when the power does go back on. This surge can also cause electrical fires in homes with old wiring.

Make sure you also have your plumbing pipes insulated beforehand to help prevent disaster during a winter storm. If the power goes out when the temperatures are below freezing and your heating system isn’t working, your plumbing pipes can freeze — which inevitably leads to a burst pipe!

The Answer to Keeping Your Family and Home Safe

The easiest way to keep your family and home safe during a power outage is to install a standby generator in your home. This generator will kick on when the power goes out and will turn off when the power returns thanks to the automatic transfer switch. No need to constantly unplug appliances and electronics every time the power goes out!

With a home generator, you’ll be able to keep your heating and cooling system running. This is especially important for those living with elderly loved ones, newborns, or those with serious medical conditions — as well as keeping your plumbing from freezing. You’ll also be able to keep your refrigerator running to ensure no food will spoil. And of course, you’ll have access to lights and any other receptacles you choose to have powered by the generator.

If you want to keep your family and home safe during power outages, take the time to learn more about standby generators for your home. Fox & Sons is here to help educate you about generators and will help you pick out the right one for your home!