Why is My Water Pressure So Low?

When you're getting ready for the day by taking a shower or are trying to wash some dishes, there's nothing more frustrating than low water pressure. There are a litany of reasons that your water pressure might be low, the most common of which are detailed in the following. Not sure where to start? Here are a few possibilities:

Helpful Tips for Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure

Issues with Water Main Connection

A water main refers to the main water line that connects from your home to the water supply from the city. If the connection has become severed for some reason, the water being sent to your home will greatly diminish in pressure. If you notice the presence of mud or standing water around the main connection area, it's likely that problems with the connection are to blame for the low water pressure in your home.

Damaged Water Line

A common cause for low pressure is a damaged water line somewhere in the home. When a water line breaks, water can spread throughout your home and eventually cause mold to develop, which can be harmful to the health of your family. Look for water around the corners of the closets, walls, and floors in your home. You should also turn off any faucets before checking the water meter. If the meter is still moving, this means that water continues to run.

Mineral Deposit Buildup

Small amounts of minerals naturally occur within water and will flow through your water lines as you use the faucets in your home. It's possible for larger particles to get into the water line as well. Eventually, mineral deposits will build up in one location and cause clogging issues, which will lead to low water pressure.

Obstructed Aerator

In the event that a single area in your house is affected like your kitchen sink or the shower in your bathroom, the aerator in your faucet could be obstructed. This issue can be easily remedied by removing the aerator from the faucet and cleaning it.

If you feel as though your water pressure is too low and would like some assistance in identifying what's causing the issue, call Fox & Sons today at (800) 716-4990 so that we can address any need you may have.