Understanding Your Electrical Panel

When you own a home, it's imperative that you know exactly how your electrical panel works. All electricity that enters your home is first sent through this panel before being delivered to specific circuits and systems that are located throughout your home. If the lights in your bathroom stop working or a couple of your kitchen appliances won't turn on, the electrical panel should always be the first place you go to.

What You Should Know About Your Electrical Panel if You Own a Home

How Electric Panels Work

When you need to work with the electrical panel in your home, it's important that you know what you're doing. When you first open the door to the box, you'll notice that there are a large number of circuit breakers inside, all of which should be properly labeled so that you know what each switch leads to. If your dishwasher isn't starting, search for the circuit with the matching label. If you notice that the switch is showing a red mark, it's likely that it has been tripped. You should flip the switch to "off" and then back to "on". If this doesn't work, call one of our technicians at Fox & Sons immediately.

It's also possible that your electrical panel will consist of fuses as opposed to circuit breakers. When a fuse has been blown, you'll notice a burnt mark in the area. Electrical panels are designed to handle a large amount of power. When overloaded with power, it's possible for fuses to be blown and breakers to be tripped.

How Breakers Are Tripped

Circuit breakers can be tripped through a variety of occurrences, the most common of which is a defective breaker that needs to be replaced. The wiring in the panel might also be faulty, which would damage the connection from the device to the breaker. The device itself, such as a kitchen blender, could be malfunctioning as well.

When your electrical panel is on the fritz and you aren't sure what to do, get in touch with Fox & Sons at (800) 716-4990 to schedule an initial consultation and cost estimate. We want to help you identify what's causing the issues with your electrical panel so that we can provide an immediate fix.