Lighting Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Lighting is among the most overlooked aspects of interior and exterior design. The right lighting can help you create a different atmosphere in each room of your home, as you focus on making the living room cozy or the kitchen decadent. Additionally, lighting can also bolster your home security efforts for a safer living environment. If you don't know what you're doing, the lighting setup in your home can make for uninteresting and bland decor, which is why it's essential that you avoid these common lighting mistakes.

Common Interior & Exterior Lighting Mistakes

Not Using Accent Lighting

While most homeowners focus mainly on ambient lighting such as natural light from a window, accent lighting can be just as important when setting the scene of your home. This type of lighting allows you to focus on specific home features or art on your walls, which makes your home decor seem more personalized.

Not Matching Paint with Lighting

When painting the walls of your home, it's essential that you match the paint with your lighting setup. If you want your living room to be inviting and welcoming to guests, paint with bright or neutral colors. Dark colors only serve to absorb light and can make a room seem more closed off than it actually is.

Deciding Not to Use Lighting for Security Purposes

If you want your home to be as secure as possible, consider using lights to strengthen your security efforts. For instance, you can place motion-sensor lights around your home entrances that will immediately turn on whenever someone is within range.

Foregoing the Use of a Generator

All of your lighting efforts will be for naught if the electrical grid goes down and you're left without power. However, these issues can be remedied with the installation of a generator. These generators will automatically deliver power during a blackout, which means that your lights will stay on.

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