5 Easy Ways to Save on Your Heating Bills

The onset of winter means that you will need to keep your home as warm and toasty as possible — which also means that it will be necessary to keep your heater or furnace turned on almost constantly. If your monthly heating bills are higher than you would like them to be, Fox & Sons offers a wide range of easy ways for you to save money on these bills.

Helpful Tips to Save Money on Heating Bills During Winter

1. Seal Up Windows and Doors

One of the easiest ways to save money on your heating bills is to carefully seal up the windows and doors around your home, which are two of the primary areas where heat can escape during the colder winter months. For windows, you can add a re-caulking frame or some weather stripping to minimize gaps. Weather stripping can also be installed around the gaps of doors for better heat loss prevention.

2. Keep Your Water Heater Insulated

Water heaters that are insulated will run more efficiently and invariably save you money. There are numerous types of water heater blankets, and jackets, that can provide you with the optimal amount of insulation.

3. Use Less Hot Water

Heating water for taking showers or washing your hands requires a substantial amount of energy. When you turn on the faucet, avoid turning the handle to the hottest setting. Keeping your water warm instead of hot will save you money on your monthly bills, while also placing less pressure on the water heater.

4. Change Ceiling Fan Settings

Fact: your ceiling fan should be utilized in the winter the same way its utilized in the summer. While standard fan settings push cold air down (in a counterclockwise direction) to cool a hot room, you can flip a switch on the fan to rotate the blades in a clockwise direction. This will ultimately keep your room warm without wasting energy.

5. Open Your Blinds and Curtains

On sunny days, keeping your blinds and curtains open will allow the sun to heat the room. After the sun has set, close the blinds to prevent the heat from dissipating.

If you would like to save even more money on your monthly heating bills, then you might want to consider purchasing an energy efficient heater or furnace. Contact Fox & Sons at (800) 716-4990 to learn more about heaters and how you can benefit from our heater installation services in Vernon.