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Whole Home Surge Protector Installation

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Installing a whole-house surge protector is the best way to prevent your expensive electronics from frying out during a power surge. This system protects your computers, appliances, telephone, electronics, light fixtures, heating and cooling system, and internet line. It will also prevent surges from destroying the wiring and other electrical components in your home. Power surges can happen anytime. In fact, they are often caused when the power company switches relay stations. Lightning strikes taking out a transformer, overloads that you caused yourself, or even ants getting into the outside HVAC breaker box can cause an electrical surge. Fox & Sons installs commercial and residential surge protection systems in Vernon, as well as Kamloops, Armstrong, and Salmon Arm. As skilled electricians with decades in the electrical service industry, you can count on our prompt service and professional ethics. We would be happy to schedule a consultation today so we can answer your questions and work up an estimate.

How Is Surge Protection Installed?

To protect your home completely, a licensed electrician will install a whole-home surge protection system directly into the electrical system. This equipment is usually wired to the main electrical service panel box of the home. There are also commercial surge protection systems that are made for businesses. Whether you own a home or a business, this equipment can protect your investments.

Why Do I Need Surge Protection If I Have A Breaker Box?

The breakers in the service panel will only protect wires from overheating if the electrical current is too high for too long. If they were not there, your house could catch on fire. They do not protect you from shocking yourself and don't protect the appliances during a power surge. Surge protectors do not monitor the amount of electricity traveling through the wires. They do monitor the voltage and will cut off power to the wire if it is too high. They also absorb energy if there is a voltage spike. Install a robust surge protector and you should be fine.

When you need whole house surge protectors in Vernon, Fox & Sons is the top choice for skilled installation. Call us today at (800) 716-4990 to schedule your first appointment!

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