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HVAC & Plumbing Tips from Your Local Plumbing & Heating Company

Check out the most recent articles from Fox & Sons for heating, air conditioning and plumbing tips from the service experts at our plumbing and heating company.

Traditional or Tankless – Which Water Heater is Right For You?

tankless water heaters vernon bcThe time has come that you need to install or replace a water heater in your home or business. That means a prime opportunity to make a choice between a traditional style or a more modern tankless system. In other words, that makes now the best time to finally learn a little more about each type and determine which one would be right for you. This article discusses the pros and cons of traditional vs tankless water heaters … Read More

Importance of Heating & Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service

heating air conditioning tune ups vernon bcEven the most responsible Kamloops homeowner may sometimes scoff at the idea of signing up for heating or air conditioning tune-up services. Thrifty consumers like to save money by skipping any service they deem unnecessary. However, truly financially savvy customers know that investing into tune-up work is actually likely to save you a great deal of money, in the long run … Read More

Repairs or Replacement – How to Make the Decision

heating vernon bcThe best way to avoid this is by making sure that you are informed about how to make the choice between repairs and replacement, in instances where there may still be an option. In some cases, if your HVAC system has truly given out completely, you are likely to be left with only one option available to you. Also, make it a point only to work with an established and reputable company and you will not be likely to be in this type of predicament … Read More

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